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We listen before we speak.  Client satisfaction is our most important goal.  With quick turn around and exceptional quality, we are easy to work with and ready to help with your next project. 

Michael Ables

Michael has recently completed a project for PBS celebrating the life and small-town upbringing of Neil Armstrong and another for Fox dealing with the opposite end of humanity with their Las Vegas Shooter documentary.  He has also recently been heard in original cartoons such as Rana and Riv's Wonder Forest and has done extensive dubbing work to bring the German cartoon "Trude's Tier" and the Russian TV series “Fury” to English-speaking audiences.  Michael can be heard in many commercials, cartoons, documentaries, explainers and much more! 
Michael's voice has been described as "Fatherly, calming, genuine, sincere, believable, relatable and educational.  Michael also has a unique "growling menace" that conveys anger and a dark sense of foreboding along with a lighthearted "guy next door" conversational style in his wide range of immersive and compelling voices.
With exceptional service and quick turn-around times, Michael can provide voices from sexy to sarcastic and from silly to sincere.  In addition to his voice over work, Michael's voice has been heard on radio since 1993 from Texas and all the way to AFN in Europe.

Paxton Ables

 Paxton has recently completed multiple ESL projects for production companies in China and Japan as well as multiple video games and several children’s audio books.  He can be heard in the cartoon Rana and Riv’s Wonder Forest as a title character “Riv” and in the English version of the Russian series “Fury” as most of the children in the series.  Paxton has worked alongside his father on many projects and has many, many more solo projects under his belt!  One of his ESL projects had more words than are in “Ulysses” by James Joyce and he completed that on schedule when he was 9 years old.  He is a very young pro!  His voice ranges from warm and childlike to grating and extreme when called for.  He has a wide array of voices to fit most any project!


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Eaton (Michael)
Tribbletoo (Paxton)
AmazingFacts (Michael)
Tencent QQ (Paxton)
PBS-WBGU (Michael)
Ski California (Paxton)
UPS (Paxton)
Book Buddy Media (Paxton)